Privacy ensures peace of mind

Preserve your privacy for more happiness:

  • Privacy reduces the amount of gossip circulating about you as there will be less information available for gossipers to build on
  • Privacy helps maintain your relationships with your social entourage, the less they know about your private information, the better the relationship becomes

  • If you want to increase the probability of the success of anything you’re working on(even the smallest detail in your life), keep it a secret until it’s 100% completed/achieved, then announce it, that way haters won’t be able to work against you
  • The previous point also contributes to your credibility as you will only announce plans that are in place, rather than being under construction

privacy ensures peace of mind efficient elephant

3 comments on “Privacy ensures peace of mind

  1. I totally agree with you on being private about your personal life, since gossipers are going to gossip no matter what. However, I think in planning future ventures it might be helpful to tell your haters. This might be a further motivation for you to succeed.

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