Coursera – free online courses from top universities offers a wide range of free online courses from top universities around the world.

I majored in computer engineering and wanted to learn more about Finance, I managed to get myself a certificate from Stanford for an online Finance course for 0$. It turned out that the material offered in that course is similar to CFA material and I benefited on the personal level from the rich material offered.

I suggest that you give it a try, you will find a rich database of courses and especially non standard ones that are taught in classical majors we pursue after we graduate from school. You will find yourself enrolled with thousands of students from around the world, you will get to connect with them and do group projects/assignments with them, another great opportunity offered to network internationally at the comfort of your home.

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2000+ courses from schools like Stanford and Yale – no application required. Build career skills in data science, computer science, business, and …

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Manger Bouger

We’re always struggling to find a balance between being fit with a nice looking body and eating the food we crave. The French ministry of health created this website to help people stay fit, eat healthy and do as much physical activity as possible to have good results and be happy.
The name is also catchy and it keeps coming back to my mind whenever I reach home and try to get into the elevator, instead I go for the stairs as this little movement adds up to helping me maintain a fit body.

Accueil | Manger Bouger

MangerBouger délivre des informations sur la nutrition, propose des outils et des conseils pour manger mieux et bouger plus, ainsi que de nombreuses recettes.

The incorrect evaluation of Marissa Mayer’s profile

I was enthusiastic when Marissa Mayer was hired as Yahoo’s CEO as she is a self-made hard working woman, however, 4 years into her reign, Yahoo is getting sold!


Mayer climbed the ladder step by step in Google by starting as employee number 20 and her major contribution as a developer & designer of Google’s search offerings. It isn’t very clear what were Mayer’s financial KPIs or if she was responsible of any profit and loss.
Mayer created more than 100 Google products as this article suggests, a lot of them were successful but not all!

Marissa Mayer Yahoo Google Efficient Elephant

Photo credit: jdalsica

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Easy way to stop smoking

“The whole business of smoking is like wearing tight shoes just to obtain the pleasure you feel when you take them off.”

You can easily stop smoking after you read the book named “Allen Carr’s easy way to stop smoking”.

Interesting facts about this book:

  • You should keep smoking until you finish reading the book
  • It’s around 200 pages, not too long, you won’t get bored
  • It doesn’t use the traditional methods of reminding you of the disadvantages of smoking
  • You will stop smoking

allen carr's easy way to stop smoking efficient elephant

Why you should mind your own business

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mind your own business efficient elephant

This quote tells a lot: “The person who minds nobody’s business but his own is probably a millionaire” ~ Anonymous

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Why you should work out regularly

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  • Work out regularly! Consider it an investment for your senior years, the more fit you are, the more physically comfortable you will feel as you grow older.
  • Working out is like compound interest, the more you work out, the more fit you become, the easier the exercise becomes and the more you enjoy it. […read more…]