Are you a perfectionist?

If you are a perfectionist, it is probably exhausting you and affecting your efficiency:

  • Perfection is very important however it can drain your energy and keep you most of the time in a state of worry
  • You will realize that you don’t need to reach perfection in everything you are doing, as completing a certain task with normal standards is enough to get the job done or achieve the desired result and will save you time
  • It will require some trial and error to know where to draw the line and stop while performing any task(to perfection), only you can decide that through your own experiences
  • When you reach the point where you know where to draw the line, you will be relieved and you would save more time per task, to use it for something else or simply relax

Are you a perfectionist efficient elephant

3 comments on “Are you a perfectionist?

  1. It would help setup clear KPIs that can be used to define the status of the task on hand. That way you have a specific criteria to tell you when a task is done or not yet. Remember, a product of good quality is a product that matches your customers’ requirements; nothing less nothing more.

    Also, never feel guilty of having time to relax or being idle for a while. This means you’re being available for your next challenge in best shape – not exhausted, stressed and tired of the previous task.

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